Ani began yoga while in graduate school to help relieve stress and found it amazingly effective. Always the teacher and wanting others to have this tool she attended the teacher training at Kripalu Centre for Yoga.

Ani has been influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and her ideas of breath awareness, ground and the wave of the spine in which, “you become intelligent and at the same time you are happy.” Scaravelli’s book Awakening the Spine (Harper San Francisco, 1995) has become a classic.

While living in Costa Rica Ani trained and completed the certification for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy thus deepening her yoga practice.

Her journey took her back to Mexico where she met and studied for 5 years with Irene Beer who had formed Namaste International to certify teachers in Scaravelli’s ideas emphasizing the ground, breath and spine.

Ani is studying with Diane Long, and other Scaravelli inspired teachers, who practiced with Vanda for years.  After experiencing many different paths to the right-for-me manner of teaching, Ani has found her venue in order to teach safe, challenging and multi-level classes. Any student can work at a deep level with the breath, spine and ground ideas.

Because of this way of working Ani emphasizes effortlessness in her teaching and the concept of working with the body’s tensions in order to undo them.

Every summer Ani attends workshops given by teachers who practice the Scaravelli ideas.

Ani leads a retreat in Europe every year CLICK HERE for details about this year’s trip!

From May to November she is on Vancouver Island teaching. From November to May she is teaching in Mexico.